• GRW Mineral Wool energy conservation product play a significant role in homes, office, buildings, business projects and plants. Proper insulation help industries, homes and business house use substantially less energy, According to a 1996 report on the energy, environmental and economic benefits of mineral wool insulations, conducted jointly by the Alliance to Save Energy and Energy Conservation Management, Insulation produced each year confirms saving more than "TWELVE" times the energy used without insulation.
Properties of Mineral Wool

The products have excellent Thermal, Acoustic & fire insulation properties. Backed by our dedicated customer technical advisory service for both building, industrial and related applications.

The physical and chemical properties of Mineral wool insulation has a unique range of stable properties with high thermal resistance and is able to :

  • Save energy
  • Minimize Pollution
  • Acoustic and noise control
  • Reduce the risk of fire
  • Protect life and property in the event of fire

The properties derive from its structure, the dead air cells prevent the movement of air exhibit exceptional thermal, fire and acoustic properties. The application of the product is predominant in the steel plants and power plants.


  • Low thermal conductivity in a wide temp. range.
  • wide temperature application range.
  • High fire resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Good sound absorption

GRW slabs have extremely low K-Value for wide range of temperatures. Typical thermal conductivity values are given in the graph for various densities and mean temperatures. Conductivity varies with the temperature and density of insulation.